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An Insider's Guide to Greece:

Tips From Our Exploration Team

Ditch the travel guides, it’s time to head off the beaten track. We asked our Exploration Team for the places they discovered on their tour around Greece.

Our Exploration Team traveled around mainland Greece and some of its surrounding islands while creating our new destination collection, so we asked them for a list of places they discovered on their trip.

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Exploring the Melissani Lake Caves

Recommended by local restaurant owner Milos, our team took a tiny paddle boat out for a guided tour around the blue waters of this tiny lake (otherwise known as the Lake of Nymphs) and its mysterious surrounding caves. Their review? “It did *not* disappoint”.

Where we stayed: Local B&B Dendrolivano is a true taste of Greece. Oh, we mean that literally: every meal is cooked by the owner, Stella, using herbs and fruits that you’ll find growing just outside.

Bathing on Xi Beach

Fancy a free spa treatment? Locals flock to the red sands of Xi Beach to take advantage of the white clay cliffs. You can mix bits of this natural clay with the mineral-rich sea water to gently buff, tighten and soften your skin. Many people believe it has healing properties, too, and you’ll see them breaking off chunks to take away with them to help soothe bites and aliments.

Where we stayed: The food was so good at the Kefalonia Grand Hotel that our team traveled back there on a second trip to the island. Oh, and it inspired our Versatile Towel, too.

Dining in Athens

Stray off the beaten track and into the cobbled side streets of Athens’ city centre, and you’ll find Mani Mani. Recommended by the locals our team met on their travels, this tiny taverna puts a modern spin on traditional Greek cuisine.

Where we stayed: Right in the middle of Athens, the Niche Hotel boasts a beautiful rooftop terrace that lets you sip local wines with a view of the famous Acropolis. Doesn’t get much better, really.

Relaxing in Kalymnos

Looking for a truly authentic Greek experience? The Island of Kalymnos is so secluded that our team felt they had “died and gone to heaven”. That’s some review. Visited by the Greeks on their own staycations, this quiet island is the place to go to get away from it all.

Top tip: Make sure you check the ferries from Athens - they only leave once per week.
Where we stayed: “We booked into MasouriBlu Boutique Hotel and cannot recommend enough. We arrived bright and early from the ferry, just in time for breakfast, outside, overlooking the water. It was such a breathtaking view we’d go back in a second, and plan to!”