The story so far

The story of Crabtree & Evelyn has always been a story of exploration. About finding the unique and crafting the unexpected. About discovery and connection. About creating a different, better experience. Now it’s time for the next chapter.

The start of a new beginning

Our founder, Cy Harvey, first set out on his travels across the globe 45 years ago. Driven by a belief that he could improve lives by the discoveries he made and the experiences he crafted. These explorations led to products and collections that were as much about storytelling as they were about wellbeing and beauty.

He was inspired by the philosophy of our namesake – 17th century horticulturist John Evelyn. One of the first naturalists and conservationists, Evelyn was a visionary of his time. He recognised the need for humans to commune with nature in order for them to connect with themselves. A journey of growth that he thought would ultimately benefit society as a whole.

This same journey continues to happen today. But now we live in a super connected world, our personal connections – to ourselves, each other and natural world – risk getting lost in the noise. Evelyn’s mission was to explore everything and kept the best. Harvey’s was to make everyday life better. Ours is to empower everyone to explore and grow. Redefining what beauty means along the way.

Beauty takes many different flavours. It’s more than what you put on your skin. It’s how you feel. Your attitude to life. And we want to explore this in a multitude of ways. Because it’s only when you really explore that you can truly grow.

In the coming months we’ll be revealing distinctive new collections and products, travelling the world and radically changing our physical spaces. This is only the beginning of the next chapter.

We are Crabtree & Evelyn. Welcome.