West Indian Lime

West Indian Lime Cologne

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What if you weren't living in the city but were instead a seafaring captain plotting a course through Caribbean isles? Let the evocative scent of this West Indian cologne transport you there for a moment. Full of the flavours of fresh citrus fruits and rich spices, this cool, refreshing scent captures all the adventure of far away seas. A cologne that's the ultimate finishing touch for well-groomed men.


West Indian Lime Cologne


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The story of
West Indian Lime

Conjure up the balmy West Indies, where relaxation is taken seriously. Virile yet inviting, the refreshing scent of West Indian lime mingles with touches of zesty lemon, orange flower and vetiver. Ground coriander and nutmeg accents add island appeal, whilst ginger invigorates. For a final dash of dashing, the scent tops off with a woody finish of juniper, cedar and sandalwood.